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Perhaps you ask yourselves why a horse must see a dentist?

And well here some good reasons to convince you to make look after your horse by an equine dental technician:


  • Your horse does not eat any more, he takes long time to eat or does not finish its meal
  • When he eats, the horse rejects food on the sides
  • You find cereals in droppings
  • Your horse does not look well (body and pil) even if he has good food
  • Your horse is prone to the colics


In training

  • Your horse "fought" against the bit: action of hand, move when you put the bridle on,, it takes “the bit with the teeth”
  • He balances the head upwards
  • He does not curve, is not placed, unflexibility….



  • Stressed horse (with risk of ulcers)
  • Bad breath
  • Nasal flow
  • Pains located on the cheeks, the trough and sometimes the eyes
  • Cervical and dorsal pains



  1. Saving in food for a best result on the health and body of the horse
  2. Only one visit by year for the price of blacksmith!
  3. Less risk of colics
  4. Less stress
  5. Best performances tablepourq
NB: These various demonstrations are not inevitably the expression of dental disorders only, but they must alert you on the follow-up of the teeth of your équidés.

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